Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a new year, and as cliche as it is, some change as well.

thought I'd start with this video. The brothers and I put this rendition together for our relatives in England as a fun way to send our Christmas greetings. So, as we leave this holiday season and enter into the new year, let us embrace it with excitement and joy. we've got to make the best of what has been given to each of us. speaking of blessing, I have started a new blog exclusively for a new project starting up this year (I'm still going to keep this blog going as well) the new blog is located at (or just click the link under "Communion"). The Common Haven, at least that's what it's called for the moment, is something I have had on my heart for some time now, and with much shared vision with a lot of supportive friends and family, I'll be diving into this endeavor this year with a still forming group of people. My heart is to start a Catholic Worker house of hospitality and hostel in the city of Pittsburgh (for more info on the Catholic Worker Movement see ). It's going to be a whole lot of hard work, trial and tribulation, but I trust the Lord will provide and direct all us who will participate in this collective effort.  If your interested in following more intently on that project feel free to click the link and do so. thanks to all who have, are, and will continue to share, encourage, wrestle, challenge, and hold accountable this radical step into the future. May the Lord keep us humble and give us strength to endure what comes. Joy and peace to you all.