Artist Statement

I believe in cultural revolution - a movement that is needed to constantly shape the world into a place of love. In my experience, lasting change comes through small personal exchanges, unknowing conversions, hear to heart. For me, art has become a safe place in which to meet others and foster a new way of thinking, being, and living.

My work centers on four core themes: reconciliation, liberation, transformation, & simplicity. These themes push me into self-expression. And this expression leads to conversation and collaboration. 

Collaboration fuels me to move forward as a cultural worker. I see my work as more than finite creations, but as platforms on which we can create a cultural shift. I want to enable myself and others slow down and consider where we are in the moment. If we give ourselves the chance to be quiet, we can recognize and activate small changes within ourselves. And in turn, these small changes take the world one step closer to our dreams of what could be. I endeavor to build a new world within the shell of the old: a world where it is easier for men and women to be good.

My materials reflect my artistic ambitions in that I choose materials based on unique and personal experience. This has led me to work with paint, digital media, music, wood, metal, repurposed materials, and found objects.