Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the golden calf

"the golden calf" (we are the 99) -Dylan Rooke from DylanRooke on Vimeo.
i am so inspired and stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street/ Occupy Together, and my local movement of Occupy Pittsburgh. this is the first version of this song. i recorded it on my laptop as soon as a felt it had some cohesion. it's unpolished and uncut for now. give me some feedback, love it/ hate it? its all good.

"The years have been too long, but the days feel short now

There’s a fire burning in our hearts and in our souls

There’s something new on the horizon, inviting us in

Our voices together, diverse yet one. liberating

We don’t want a handout, we want a foot in

We ain’t worshipin’ the golden calf a wall street anymore/ no more

I haven’t cast a ballot, yet I try to vote everyday

With every breath I breathe, and the words I choose to say

We’re here to occupy our streets and towns

Till we reconcile democracy, and tear the idols down

We’ll overthrow the golden calf

Of Wall street, of the elite

We want no more, of all deceit/ of all the lies

the choking of our democracy/ no democracy

we are the ninety nine!"

-Dylan Rooke public domain/ open source 10/12/11